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She’s calling for a health care revolution. The radical first step: li

Posted by @DanHinmon, Oct 18, 2016

Thanks to @toffenbacher and @westr for pointing us to this story.

Physicians across the sprawling health care system are now collecting data from patients about how their illnesses affect their daily lives. The reports are instantly uploaded into electronic medical records, so everyone working with the patient can discuss those goals and lay out a plan to achieve them. Whether this effort, known as patient reported outcomes, will significantly improve performance is an open question.

As Bob West (@westr) puts it, “As a full time patient, and an ardent patient advocate, I can’t say how pleased I am at this direction.”


Thanks, all – we will definitely share this with our own patient community! Endocrinology is definitely a field that tends to be very metrics-driven – with quality of life issues often going unrecognized.

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