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Say It With a Smile: Is an Emoji Worth a Thousand Words?

Posted by @DanHinmon, Jul 22, 2016

This article is an edited transcript of the Knowledge@Wharton podcast.

Wharton marketing professor Americus Reed, Luke Stark, a media historian who looks at digital communication and psychology, and Jen Golbeck, director of the Social Intelligence Lab at the University of Maryland, are featured.

One comment: “When companies [use emojis] well, it’s great and it’s a way to connect, especially in social media where people want to feel like they’re having a personal connection.

“On the other hand, when they do it wrong, it’s just kind of embarrassing and cringe-worthy. If you get someone who’s not really well-versed in that space managing your social media and using them poorly, they can get you some ridicule.”

Thanks to @westr for pointing us to this story. Are you using emojis in your hospital marketing? 


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