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Report Finds Few Patients Use Hospital-Provided Mobile Apps

Posted by @DanHinmon, Jan 7, 2016

About two-thirds of the 100 largest U.S. hospitals offer patients mobile health applications, according to report released by Accenture. Of those, about 38% have developed in-house apps.

However, just 2% of patients are using the hospital-provided apps. Result? “The report estimated that the poor alignment with patients’ interests could cost each hospital, on average, more than $100 million in revenue annually.”

Thanks to @westr for pointing us to this article. Bob writes, “FWIW, University Hospital in Syracuse has their own hospital app that I downloaded back in Sept. 2015. It was largely redundant with online information I’d obtained via a web search on my desktop, so I did not use it at all during my 6 day stay.”

Are you developing patient apps for your hospital? What are you doing to make sure they are useful?

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This is a true problem with development teams and the use of consumer insight into what patients and caregivers find valuable as part of their usage. I use the Mayo app and I also know many others who use the Mayo app and I use it precisely for the things listed in the review below:

“The report attributed the low use to hospitals’ failure to align app functions with patients’ expectations. According to the report, just 11% of hospitals offered apps that provide one of the three most-desired functions among patients:

*Access to medical records;
*Appointment scheduling; and
*Prescription refill requests.”

I’d add that I also use the app for secure questions and answers with my Mayo clinical team which I have found invaluable.

App downloads quantified against login to hospital apps within years one and two would be interesting. A majority of smartphone users have their mobile device an average of 22 months before upgrade (references below) and there is an increase in deleting unused apps behavior at 16 months as phone storage space dwindles.



Many apps that I have tried from other hospitals (My records are spread across 7 and my medically fragile twins across three others) seem to provide what they find valuable rather than what I find valuable.

I also use CareZone for all my family personal records as well as records for my rescue fur babies.


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