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Quantity vs. Quality - What Content Marketers Need to Know

Posted by @stacytheobald, Thu, Apr 18 4:06pm

If my memory serves me correct, the “quality and quantity” debate has been pervasive in content marketing for most of this decade. The fact of the matter is that both have benefits to a website, however a brand’s mix of the two should be determined by its own established goals, and the resources available to create it. It’s no secret that not every marketing department can pump out fifteen blog posts per week, each of which reading like Hemingway wrote them.

That would be ideal, but it’s unrealistic. For most brands, it’s likely that content quality will be impacted as production increases, and definitely without additional investment in production. Content marketing, on average, makes up around 25% of a marketing budget, of which, 7%-8% of gross revenue should be spent on marketing. There are outliers, however. P&G once spent nearly 35% of its revenue on marketing. They’ve since scaled back.

Generally, B2C companies spend more than B2B brands on marketing.


This seems to focus on blogs and writing, but I think there are more effective ways to generate high “quality” content quickly with video

. For example, if you are a healthcare organization which holds a CME conference in, say, Whistler, for 150+ providers, as my prior org did, that is an. Perfect time to generate simple iPhone video content around which can be used for recruiting, patient marketing, etc. if I am right (I have checked recently) th Mayos top YouTube videos by count were “produced and edited” at minimal cost, but because the content was very interesting ( such as the baby with croup) was very high quality.

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