Privacy Matters: Giving People The Right to Connect Freely and in Safe and Trusted Spaces

Marketers have a unique opportunity to innovate for a more permission-based, personalized future where audiences can connect naturally and safely online.

Our industry faces a fundamental reorientation around notions of trust and privacy. Users desire to speak privately and connect more naturally knowing that their information will only be seen by who they want to see it and won’t all stick around forever. At the same time, in an era of information overload, they’re plagued with the questions of who is sharing my information and how is it being used? Will it be targeted to deliver me an ad I don’t want to see?

With this shift, marketers have the opportunity to innovate and build business opportunities including creating platforms for private sharing. Privacy and safety, in short, are much more than protective measures in today’s landscape. If people know that their privacy is a priority beyond a multi-page policy, then they’ll be much more inclined to connect authentically.

Let’s take a look at a few key themes and trends paving the way for a more permission-based, personalized way for audiences to connect naturally and safely online.

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