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Pinterest’s Pin It Button Is Now a Save Button

Posted by @DanHinmon, Jun 3, 2016

Why would Pinterest change the pin button to save? Turns out it’s an international issue.

“Now that more than one-half of people who use Pinterest are from outside of the U.S., we’ve been working harder than ever to make sure our application and website are easy to use no matter where you live or what language you speak. Unfortunately it turns out that the notion of ‘Pinning’ ideas doesn’t always resonate with everyone around the world.”

So how about a little A/B testing?

“We decided to test what would happen if we swapped our Pin It button for the more utilitarian Save instead. We were amazed by just how many new Pinners started saving ideas on Pinterest, especially people from outside of the U.S.”

There you go. Still sad to see the perfect connection of Pin to Pinterest go away. How about you?


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