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Pain Patients Use Twitter To Complain About Opioid Side Effects

Posted by @DanHinmon, Nov 24, 2015

The study, published in the Journal of Opioid Management, revealed that clinicians aren’t discussing potential side effects of opioids when prescribing the highly addictive drugs to their patients — at least that’s what their patients are suggesting on social media.

Led by the Cedars-Sinai Center for Outcomes Research and Education, researchers examined social media entries published by patients. The team analyzed more than 2.5 billion tweets from Twitter and posts from social media forums such as askapatient.com and patientslikeme.com.

Powerful application of social media to health and medicine.


Thanks SO MUCH @DanHinmon for spotlighting study using Twitter + Medication problems .. that’s exactly what I’m trying to do with my future SMHN Fellowship project .. using this learner-led effort … http://insomnia.onair.cc/category/education/writing-for-pr/

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