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Pages Messaging: New Ways for People and Businesses to Connect

Posted by @DanHinmon, Aug 11, 2015

Facebook has announced a new “Send Message” call-to-action button for local awareness ads, giving people a personal way to connect with businesses directly from ads. Wow. This is essentially an immediate direct response tool for Facebook ads. Having a baby? Message us about our childbirth classes. Considering a joint replacement? Ask Dr. XXXX a question. Want more information about our weight loss surgery? Ask us a question now. How could you use it?


That is indeed really cool. In an academic health system, I think these ads could be great tools for student and employee recruitment: “New nurse? Ask about our careers.” “Looking at medical schools? Send us a message.”

I like the idea of using it for service line marketing purposes, provided that there’s an engaged clinician who’s ready to help answer questions instantly. I think, though, that a lot of hospitals (including my own) will have concerns around privacy and giving medical advice to someone who’s not a patient. We get a lot of “Do I have this condition?” type questions through our blog and Facebook page already, and doctors are pretty cautious about giving an answer beyond “schedule an appointment.”

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