Our Top 10 2017 Social Media and Content Marketing Articles

Posted by @audreylaine, Dec 27, 2017

Jay Baer shares the year’s top 10 articles based on traffic.

  1. The 11 Critical Podcast Statistics of 2017
  2. How Social Media Has Evolved Over the Past 12 Years
  3. 4 Goal-Specific Ways to Measure Influencer Marketing ROI
  4. The Truth About How Often to Post in Social Media
  5. 8 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Page
  6. An A-to-Z Guide to Google Analytics for Content Marketers
  7. 11 Visual Storytelling Tools and How They’ll Help Your Content Marketing
  8. The Formula to Calculate Content Marketing ROI
  9. 6 Trends in Digital Advertising That Take Us from 2017 to 2020
  10. The Proven Mechanics of Successful Social Media Writing

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