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On the Path to the Science of Patient Input

Posted by @DanHinmon, Apr 27, 2016

From this Journal article:

It is early days in the creation of a science of patient input. Participants are establishing rigorous methods to better integrate patient perspectives, needs, and priorities throughout biomedical and bioengineering R&D and care delivery to patients.

To assess progress and unmet needs, FasterCures tracked more than 70 collaborative initiatives clustered in six categories that are defining and shaping this developing field. No longer is patient engagement a fanciful notion as it was at the start of our journey in 2003.

Thanks to Bob West @westr for sharing this article with us. “This may not tickle everyone’s fancy,” he writes, “for it is not about marketing or social media, but it is about PATIENTS, without whom there would be no healthcare and we would all be unemployed.

” I think it’s something everyone needs to know about, at least generally speaking.”


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