Do you ever retweet without reading?

Posted by @LeeAase, Mar 17, 2014

Note: I actually read this one 😉 I (almost) always, at least click through and skim the article I’m sharing before I retweet, although occasionally when I see a compelling tweet from someone I know I may pass it along based on the sentiment in the tweet itself, without reading. What do you think? Do you ever retweet without reading?


I personally read any links I share, but the article makes a good point. I suppose it depends on what outcome you’re looking for though. If you have dedicated followers who see you as a good source of news, it probably make sense to read your retweets first. However, if you’re more interested in developing your at-a-glance online brand to new visitors, perhaps unchecked re-tweeting is the way to go!


Just tried to post a link to this article, sans one character in the URL. Wonder if it will be reposted…?


Good Morning Lee,

No I never re tweet or post an article without reading it first, and even
utilize the Physicians on our BOD sometimes before tweeting or posting a
medical tweet or posting an article to make sure the information is

Linda N Hageman, RN

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