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Dan Hinmon, MCSMN Director

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No more stars: Hearts are replacing Twitter favorites

Posted by @DanHinmon, Nov 4, 2015

Twitter is changing one of its most iconic features.

Favorites, which have typically been represented by stars, are now becoming “likes” and take the form of hearts, the company announced Tuesday. The hearts will also appear on Vine’s apps and website.

What do you think?

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Posted by @MarieEnnisOConnor, Nov 5, 2015

I did a quick Twitter straw-poll and it seems that the overwhelming
majority of Twitter users don’t like the new feature.

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Dan Hinmon, MCSMN Director

Posts: 2470
Joined: Apr 13, 2011
Posted by @DanHinmon, Nov 5, 2015

Looks like your results are similar to Mashable’s. How much of this is simply resistance to change and how much based on belief that the heart is just a bit too intimate? It will be interesting to see what Twitter does with the feedback. My bet is they’ll stick with the heart.

Bob West

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Posted by @westr, Nov 7, 2015

Hearts OK by me. Perhaps more intuitive, less of a leap for newcomers.

Randall Post

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Posted by @RandallPost, Nov 9, 2015

Hearts are OK by me, too. Give it another week and it will be a total non-issue.

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