No More Pencils, No More Books

We welcome your submissions for News You Can Use. Just message @DanHinmon. This article was recommended by Bob West @WestR who shared these thoughts:

Why do I think it's so important? Because I spent the final two years at Upstate on a very important and prestigious committee called the "New Directions Task Force" which was responsible to the Dean for coming up with a new curriculum that would bring MedEd into the 21st century (It's way outdated, BTW).

Naturally, I read the Slate article in the context of everything that we'd discussed regarding how to implement a new medical curriculum at Upstate that would train a new generation of doctors with the new tools available, which according to my argument, included social media. Can discuss more in a Blab if you want.

The Slate article deals mostly with the critical problem of how different people learn differently (in a personalized way; love that term "personalized"), and why it's important today, given the availability of so many new tools, to capitalize on this by circumventing one size fits all instruction in favor of a method(s) which allows an improved learning experience for all.

This is particularly important in medical school, given the firehose of info that students are exposed to in their undergraduate curriculum.

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