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No Comments Allowed on Reddit’s New News Site ‘Upvoted’

Posted by @DanHinmon, Oct 7, 2015

Tomorrow Reddit is launching a standalone news site, Upvoted, to capitalize on what it does best: surfacing interesting stuff from the Internet. For Upvoted, the interesting stuff will come from Reddit itself.It won’t allow comments on the site at all. And, despite its name, it won’t have any kind of upvoting system.

Something to keep an eye on?


Very interesting move considering the appeal for many Reddit users’ is that it is an underground / un-categorised / crowd sourced news source, yet their distinct features (comments & upvote and downvote’s) are not being migrated across. Clearly a platform for the non Reddit users that may just infuriate some already aggressive users. Hmm…

Great point, @Ineri That platform really is the wild west. If not fun, it will at least be interesting to follow the reactions.

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