Marketers say Time Well Spent Movement isn’t Influencing Social Media Plans

Posted by @Margaret_Marie, Dec 11, 2018

Social media apps and mobile device operating systems introduced a number of features this year to help people be more mindful of their digital usage. The initiatives are part of the Time Well Spent movement, a concept introduced by former Google design ethicist Tristan Harris whose Ted Talk “A handful of tech companies control billions of minds every day” has been watched nearly 400,000 times.

Features like Facebook and Instagram’s user activity dashboards and YouTube’s reminders to “take a break” are responses to the movement’s focus on digital wellbeing. The question remains whether or not Time Well Spent efforts will reduce the amount of time users spend on their phones and social media and what that might mean for social media campaigns, in particular.

We wanted to know how, or if, marketers are thinking about these efforts and if they’ve impacted their social marketing plans, so we took a poll of 55 marketers to find out…


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