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Majority of Businesses Expected to Significantly Boost Influencer Mar

Posted by @DanHinmon, Mar 15, 2016

As more companies turn to influencer marketing to attract new customers, research indicates that they will expand their budgets in 2016. In fact, research from Grapevine Logic shows that more than half of businesses will significantly increase their influencer marketing budget in the coming months.

Are you considering influencer marketing?


If you consider an employee advocacy program a branch of the influence marketing tree, then yes, we’re not only considering it, we’ve diving in head first in 2016. In a sense, this will let us turn engaged employees into broadcasters of our message. It’s a little different, but has many of the same attributes. Doctors will co-author blog posts about the wide variety of dental specialties we offer. Engaged employees will share those blog posts (and our news releases) through their social channels.

Again, not exactly the same of engaging with an influential individual to spread your message, but very similar.


I just came across this article that has some great insights on influencer marketing…



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