LINKEDIN LinkedIn Outlines Its Guiding Principles To Protect Members And Maintain Trust

LinkedIn has announced a set of guiding principles laid out to ensure its employees make the best decisions to protect members and maintain their trust. 

In a year marked by privacy breaches, public trust in social platforms is at an all-time low. And with just over a year from the US presidential election, a lot of work has to be done to build back even an ounce of that trust. This is why many of the platforms have recently begun making statements outlining their continued pursuit of improved privacy and security for members. And LinkedIn is no different.

While ranked as the most trusted social media platform for a third year running, LinkedIn still wants to ensure its 660 million members understand that the buck does not stop there. The company recognizes that its responsibility is to not only to put its members first but also to keep them protected, in these uncertain times.

LinkedIn’s public oath isn’t just about outlining a continued commitment to its members. Instead, the company wants it’s platform’s members to know and understand the guiding principles employees use and apply when making decisions.

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