LinkedIn is Updating its Group Categories to 'Listed' and 'Unlisted'

LinkedIn groups were once a thriving, active space, where many robust discussions took seed, and lead to collaborative opportunities.

But like all good things, marketers eventually ruined them. Spammers realized that they could get notifications into your LinkedIn update listing, or even your email inbox, through group posts and contacts, and they used such capacity to the point where LinkedIn groups became inundated with rubbish, to the point that they just weren't useful anymore.

Every now and then, LinkedIn comes out with a new update which suggests that it's going to make groups a bigger focus once again, and clean up the junk. But this far, none of those revamps or changes has really improved the situation.

If LinkedIn can, eventually, get it right, groups can be hugely beneficial. But it still has a way to go as yet.

That's why this update seems a little underwhelming - this week, LinkedIn is sending out an update to LinkedIn group admins which details an upcoming change to how the platform titles its groups.

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