Let’s talk about this creepy tidbit from Wired’s Facebook deep dive

Posted by @audreylaine, Feb 12, 2018

It seems a Facebook employee asked Wired‘s reporter to turn off his phone so Facebook couldn’t track it. The fear, apparently, was that the mere proximity of the reporter’s phone to a Facebook phone would be enough to tip Facebook off. While this may be just a case of one stressed-out employee worried about talking to the press, it’s also an eye-opening glimpse into Facebook’s phone-tracking abilities and the level of fear and suspicion it fosters among those who are most familiar with it.


Thanks! My first reaction is that this presents some serious concerns for HIPAA compliance, and privacy in general. Perhaps more troubling would be the reasoning for the Facebook employee having concerns about the reporter’s phone being identified as near Facebook employee phones. If some higher up is divining meaning based on proximity and then taking action, we’ve got a real problem.

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