Las Vegas PD lauded for online response during mass shooting

Posted by @audreylaine, Oct 3, 2017

I still do not have words to express my sorrow over the Las Vegas shooting. My heart mourns for the families of those lost, and for those who were injured. One good thing that came from the event, albeit it should’ve never happened, was the response from LVPD on social media. Take a look at these tweets. Important information shared at the earliest time possible. Sometimes tweets in back-to-back minutes. They @ mentioned the PIO and the Sheriff, communicated a media staging area location, and let all followers know what and who they were looking for.

This illustrates why it’s so important to include social media in your organization’s emergency response plan. People look for answers and info on social media. Be where they are looking.

I’d like to thank @DanielleThompson for sharing this article in our Discussion board.


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