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Instagram Tweaking Call-to-Action Button, Video Link Ads

Posted by @DanHinmon, Sep 16, 2016

Instagram will roll out four advertising tweaks over the next month—three related to its call-to-action button and the fourth having to do with video link ads.

Instagram described the four changes to its ads in the blog post:

Each of the four new solutions is focused on driving better visibility and interaction for our community while driving better performance for our advertisers.

To guide people to take an action, the call-to-action button will be highlighted when people show interest on or around an ad—like resting on the ad for four seconds or tapping on the profile name.

Are you using the Instagram call-to-action button? For what purpose?

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We do probably five or six small link click ads per month on Facebook, and if we have good original art, we’ll select Instagram as a placement when setting up the ad. The CTA is usually “learn more.” We have found most of these Instagram ads get relatively decent click-through rates, anywhere from 1-3.5%. The downside is that the headline doesn’t show up in the ad on Instagram, so the description has to make sense without that content.

The changes sound good, but I wish we could write our own CTAs.

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