Instagram Stories Expansion, Periscope Super Broadcasts, LinkedIn Original Programming, and Amazon AR Shopping

Posted by @audreylaine, Nov 6, 2017

Ok, this is a lot to take in. Especially for a Monday. I’ll try to lay it all out here. Dive into the article for details.

  1. Instagram
    1. Stories and Whatsapp Status have both hit 300 million daily active users.
    2. Stories are bigger. (Have you noticed how they just appear in the feed now?)
    3. New camera features are being tested/added.
    4. Natively supported languages are being expanded on Android Worldwide.
  2. Periscope has heart.
  3. LinkedIn
    1. Talks about original video programming (think careers and sports).
    2. Premium users now have “peer benchmarking.”
    3. Is now on
  4. Amazon shoppers can see what items look like in their home before they buy them.
  5. Facebook
    1. Group admins get new tools, including expanded Group Insights.
    2. Notifications are now ranked by relevance.
    3. Dynamic ads for travel (hotels and flights) have been expanded.
    4. GIF and photo polls are now available.
    5. A “Switch Accounts” button is being tested.
    6. Two new measurement solutions for ad campaigns are introduced.
  6. YouTube unveils an app that’s tailored for TV screens.
  7. Skype got a new look.
  8. Snapchat unveiled the Snap Pixel, a conversion-tracking tool for marketers.
  9. WhatsApp lets you take back a message.
  10. Google introduces Local Services by Google Ad Program in the U.S.


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