Influencers are flocking to a surprising new kind of social media

Posted by @audreylaine, Mon, Apr 8 12:44pm

350+ influencers with a collective audience of 3.5 billion people are flocking to a platform called Escapex, which gives them their own apps. It’s part of the next wave of social media focused on smaller, more private groups.

Curator’s Note: A few extrapolations… (1) everyone hates the Instagram algorithm, (2) people like groups over newsfeeds (which FB knows and is working on), and (3) app developers should target celebs and influencers to make the big bucks. Also, does it seem like we’re coming full circle to websites? I mean, apps are essentially a way to access specific content on the web.


I'm trying hard to see what potential implications or uses this would have for health organizations. Anyone have any ideas?

Looks like the appeal of this app is private communities, @lyndagmitchell. All of the examples in the story are about celebrities, but if a health system is looking to develop a loyal group of followers with the benefit of controlling the platform, Escapex could fill the bill even without a celebrity. I think it would have to be built around exclusivity, and perhaps access to specific information. Maybe a rare disease group built around a researcher or doctor? Maybe for the foundation's biggest donors with personal messages from the CEO or major donors? Maybe for an internal group of key leaders in a large organization? What ideas do you have? I can see the appeal of controlling the platform and the distribution. So many are frustrated with pay to play and unpredictable algorithms.

Thanks for your thoughts on this. I read through how the celebrities use it to generate extra income through a subscription model and thought that a different business model would need to be used especially if you are trying to build a diverse audience and not just an affluent one.

That's definitely the focus in this story, @lyndagmitchell, and likely the best use of the community. Without a celebrity connection I think it would be hard to build this community. But I can also see the appeal of controlling your own platform.

Would seem like a good strategy to partner with celebrities even if only a local celebrity for your community?

Interesting idea, @sasanof. A local celebrity with a health slant. A mommy blogger? A foodie? A celebrity going through a difficult health crisis who's willing to share his/her journey? Hmmmm.

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