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Including Social Media Accounts In Your Will

Posted by @stacytheobald, Fri, Sep 13 2:31pm

It’s not something we really want to think about, but it’s going to happen to all of us eventually. We’re all going to pass away, and it’s going to be an awful, stressful time for the loved ones we leave behind. This is why it’s important to make things as easy as possible for them.

Making a will is something you should do to ensure your family doesn’t have to worry about what you might have wanted when the time comes. It will be set out for them in black and white.

What you include in your will is up to you. But there are some potentially surprising inclusions you should think about.

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Interesting stuff and something to consider ( although my attorney scar s the heck out of me! ).

Anyway, one thing I do is have all of my accounts on 1 password and my wife has access to all of them, so that’s a start, although I do need to tell her what I want to have done with them….


Something to think about for sure. My family has the passwords for my accounts – but I need to ponder what I want to happen to them.

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