IGTV: The Ultimate Guide to Instagram’s New Video Platform

Posted by @audreylaine, Jun 21, 2018

Instagram’s new video platform, IGTV, was unveiled last night and it’s ALL OVER social media news.

IGTV is a place for vertical, long form videos on Instagram, and it’s available in both the native Instagram app and the new standalone IGTV app.

Here are 3 things you need to know about IGTV, plus Later answers a ton of questions about how IGTV works, how to upload videos to IGTV, and what this brand new platform means for you.


I have been impressed so far. The user interface is extremely slick and seem-less, allowing the user to simply swipe through videos and channels; probably mimic'd after the UI of IG Stories.

Also…I have noticed lots of brands/influencers already uploading content that was either square video or 16×9 video into this vertical format. Since I am a football fan, I follow Clemson Football on IG and they have completely embraced the vertical video format stacking content vertically for the user. I am going to watch how they create content over time and use them as an influencer how to curate content for users.

This brings me to another observation, there are limited options in the market to edit vertical video. Right now, it is hard to edit vertical on a mobile device (editing multiple clips together and adding music). We can offload video captured from a vertical device onto our laptops and use Adobe Premiere to edit vertical video natively…but lots of limitations to create more "produced" content via a mobile device.

I would love to hear from others on this group have found simple mobile workflows for mobile vertical video.

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