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If Likes No Longer Matter on Social Media, Then What Does?

Posted by @stacytheobald, Mon, Aug 12 11:05am

You’ve probably heard the news: Instagram is in the process of removing like counts from posts in the Instagram feed.

At first blush, this might appear to be a massive change. They’re removing one of the most recognizable elements of social proof that’s ever existed. Likes are the way that we measure the world’s most popular posts, they’re a core element to engagement metrics, and they’re the easiest way to react to the people we follow.

It is a bold move, to be sure.

But it is an understandable one.

For I believe social media has already shifted away from the Like as the primary social currency. Yes, the era is of the like is ending, hastened by Instagram’s decision.

But the new era is already here.

And it will be defined by attention.

Keep reading to hear more about how user behaviors have changed and what marketers can do to adapt to the new environment of engagement and attention on social media. We’d love to hear your thoughts, too!

The New State of Social Media Engagement

How “liking” has evolved on social media

The “like” used to be very strong social currency.

We used it to measure popularity for, say, the top tweet of all-time or the number one Instagram post.

Read more.


Comments. Comments for me is the most important interaction. When somebody spend his time commenting in your post, he really care about your brand.


I agree comments are important because they are a form of “action” – Clicks to a website you can tack are the biggie for me though.


There was a discussion on TV last night about "trending" on Twitter and its value. I will have to see if I can find it – it was on one of the financial channels.

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