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Dan Hinmon, MCSMN Director

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How to Use Twitter Polls to Engage Your Audience: 13 Examples From Rea

Posted by @DanHinmon, Nov 1, 2016

This article walks you through how to set up a Twitter poll and provides some inspiring examples to help you plan one of your own.

Are you using Twitter polls in your healthcare marketing? If so, how’s it working?


Megan Rowe

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Posted by @MeganRowe, Nov 3, 2016

I tried a Twitter poll once. One of our doctors has published research on obesity rates in preschoolers who drink whole milk v.s. lowfat or skim. So when I saw a major news article quoting him, it seemed like a great opportunity for a lighthearted “What kind of milk do you drink?” Twitter poll. It didn’t do well at all. Nobody except for my co-workers RT’d it, and I think we got less than 10 votes outside of the office.

I’m open to trying them again, though.

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