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How to Use Reddit for Fast (and Accurate) Market Research

Posted by @DanHinmon, May 22, 2017

With 50,000 niche communities and 250 million unique monthly visitors, Reddit is packed with potential customers talking about brands and products.

In this post, you’ll learn a simple process for using Reddit to conduct market research. Reddit can help you observe what people think about your industry and products, reveal what frustrates customers, and help you create marketing campaigns and content that kill those pains.



This is a great piece! Here is my detailed list of how to use Reddit for PR, market research and more. https://services.businesswire.com/blog/-/blogs/business-wire-webinar-recap-how-to-amplify-your-news-content-with-redd-1


Thanks for sharing this, @serenaehrlich. For members who need a little prodding to click the link, this post features an interview with Noam Cadouri at Reddit that discusses how today’s communicators – from PR pros to reporters – could leverage the power of Reddit to increase visibility and engagement within highly targeted discussion channels called subreddits.

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