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How to Understand Facebook Insights for Social Video

Posted by @audreylaine, Oct 19, 2017

Not sure if I agree that “shares is the mother of all social media metrics,” but this is still a great description of Facebook video metrics. I think view rate and engagement are more important metrics than reach. @MakalaArce, our team’s metrics expert, may have more to add. 🙂



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Posted by @MakalaArce, Oct 19, 2017

I agree that Engagements are more impactful than Reach, which requires nothing of the user. I also feel we need to be careful not to define Reach as how many users “saw” the post or video. While Facebook has used that definition, I think we should be careful to define Reach more clearly and accurately. The Reach metric does not tell us how many people actually “saw” the particular post. It only tells us how many news feeds the post went into. Many of us may know that is not equivalent to getting actual eyes on the post, but many others do not know that, emphasizing the reason I feel we should clearly define what Reach is (and what it is not).

Our team also takes a different stance on post frequency, as you can see here:

I do like how the blogpost introduces a variety of other helpful metrics, from Audience Retention to Volume On.

Posted by @audreylaine, Oct 19, 2017

Thanks, Makala! I knew you’d have some valuable info to add!

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