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How to Tell Your Team That Organizational Change Is Coming

Posted by @DanHinmon, Aug 9, 2018

Who in healthcare hasn’t been impacted by organizational change in the past few years? Is more coming?

After all, as this article states “acquisitions, reorganizations, or policy changes can affect people’s jobs in ways that create feelings of fear, anger, or sorrow. Each employee wonders, ‘How will this change affect me?’ or assumes, ‘Oh, this won’t be good! How am I going to get my work done?'”

If you’re managing a team that will be impacted by change, here are some valuable points. If you’re not, forwarding to your boss may be helpful.




Good article @DanHinmon I would only add I think HBR missed one key item. Good managers and team leaders should consistently be communicating to their teams the fact career life is no longer a stable, consistent line, but that change is a constant and inevitable partner in our job paths.

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