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How to Speak Intelligently About Mary Meeker’s 355-Page Internet Trends Report

Posted by @DanHinmon, Jun 5, 2017

Meeker leads Kleiner Perkins’ Digital Growth Funds. She unveiled the 2017 edition of her famed slide-deck at Re/Code’s Code Conference—and it’s 355 slides

This article summarizes some of her key findings, including:

Google and Facebook absolutely own the online ad landscape

Together, these two juggernauts control 85 percent of growth, per Meeker. Outside of those environments, display ads face mounting challenges: 400 million people worldwide use ad-blockers.

Healthcare is a sector to watch

Meeker called out healthcare and genomics as two areas where technology is pushing innovation at incredible speeds. Wearables and personalized medicine are just two examples in a laundry list of recent triumphs for this sector.



Love this! I’ve been making my way through her mega slide-deck so these summaries are very useful.

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