How to Integrate Influencer and Emotional Marketing to Improve Your Content Program

Posted by @audreylaine, Mon, Apr 22 3:34pm

As marketers in the Age of Digital, we are moving at the speed of digital without the chance to assess patterns and think deeply about our work. Meanwhile, consumers’ devices are constantly bombarded with marketing clutter and meaningless ads that don’t take the time to understand consumers’ needs or preferences.

As it always has, our success as marketers stems from using emotional marketing to focus on consumers’ needs and preferences in order to capitalize in our markets. However, although emotional marketing is a powerful approach, it cannot stand alone; it needs to be integrated within marketing channels and tactics.

With the emergence of influencer marketing as an important trend, part of our job as marketers in 2019 is to pair emotional marketing with influencer marketing so that we can better target and reach our desired audiences.

This article discusses how you can integrate emotional and influencer marketing into your content marketing program this year and beyond.


"As it always has, our success as marketers stems from using emotional marketing to focus on consumers' needs and preferences in order to capitalize in our markets."

My "project" over the next several years is to dive deeply into the confluence of health and the digital world. One question which keeps coming up for me is this: Ought we to see our patients principally as consumers? Or as customers? Or as people?

The answer to this question isn't just theoretical, it's very practical. Consider that Amazon's driving mission is to be obsessive about their CUSTOMER experience (CAPs are mine and intended to highlight the word, not shout it ;0)) . What will obsessive customer focus mean?

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