How to Implement Social Listening for Your Business: 4 Tools

Posted by @Margaret_Marie, Dec 18, 2018

Do you need to do more than monitor and respond to mentions on social media? Looking for tools that also reveal strategic insights from those conversations?

In this article, you’ll discover four social listening tools that deliver the information you can use to make smart marketing decisions…


I've looked into a couple of these as social listening is something we'd like to implement on a larger scale, but one of the questions that keeps coming up is what is our purpose in social listening? What is everyone else using these tools to track? What do you do with the information you learn from sentiment analysis, for example?


Thanks for asking these questions, @jesslewis422. I'll share one valuable use of social listening. When CNN ran a critical story about Mayo Clinic several months ago we watched the sentiment analysis very carefully. Were the social media reactions positive, negative, or neutral in response to the news? That knowledge helped shape our response. Do you currently use a social listening tool? What's working for you?

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