How to create stunning stories to get more likes on Instagram

Did you ever think that social media platforms would have such a great impact on our lives?

Well I guess no one actually thought we will come to the point, where we are at the moment. It would be wrong to say that social media doesn’t rule our life. Be it the purpose of connecting with someone, or in 2019, even our businesses, that are based on Instagram.

Even if someone knew that we would come till here, then no one actually knew that a person would actually be able to run his or her business on Instagram. But then you would have seen it happening, wouldn’t you? I guess, technological advancements have brought us ahead.

But even if you start a business on social media platforms, then it will be very important for you to grow your business. And growing is a step by step process. You can’t simply hurry over it. Talking about social media platforms such as Instagram, we need to use its features, such as stories, creating a business account, etc., in the best possible manner.

So, we are going to look at it, and let’s get going!

Instagram and Business

Setting up an account wouldn’t have been very difficult. But setting up your business through the same, will be a bit more difficult. If you have your profile, then the next step would be to get a lot of customers. For that, you will be to be a perfectionist, right from the branding stage.

That means, first of you will have to get a professional and well-designed logo, to set your profile picture. You can be smart as well as creative, in choosing a logo which would not only define your identity, but also your work.

Then, you will have to define your work and all the key aspects of the same. The audience should have that clearance of your work and your main areas, in order to choose you over service providers. But moving ahead, what about the content which you will be posting on a regular basis?

You have to maintain a high standard, in order to get a boost in your followers as well as likes. Your posts should be the differentiating factor between you and your business rivals. Therefore, you will have to use good quality software, for getting the best out of them. For example, if you are a micro-blogger, then you will have to make sure that the text which you are uploading on Instagram, is free of grammar errors. For that, you can use a software like Grammarly, or even some other, for rectifying all the errors.

And if you are uploading some text, then it will be important that you go with a nice image, in order to captivate your readers. On Instagram, you do have a slight edge over uploading high quality images and videos, as that is what it is famous for.

While on Instagram, don’t let the things happening there mislead you – keep in mind the most comprehensive trend of the recent years to enhance the image of whatever it is.  In other words that photos and videos scoring so many likes and views are much likely to be boosted by special marketing services. Many on the platform are just used to buy Instagram likes as a part of their daily life, besides it’s easier than buying an ice cream now. So while at the first steps, keep looking for a good provider of likes and followers and jump in – the race is heating up!

So, you can take care of the same. Moving ahead, that was all about posts.

But Instagram stories also have a lot of importance. All of the stuff which can be done through posts, stories can also help a user. When we talked about sharing details about you and your work through posts, we were talking about a general case. But the same can also be done with the help of Instagram stories. You can create stunning stories, with the help of a great smartphone camera. Even if you are a micro-blogger or influencer, a good story would mean that you are careful with the slightest of details. Be it the font which you are choosing, or even the background image which you are selecting.

But how can you create some of the most stunning stories, in order to get more likes?

Here’s how.

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