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How to Build Community on Facebook

Posted by @DanHinmon, Dec 19, 2016

Is your Facebook page reach declining?

Creating a community for your business can help you reach your target audience more consistently than relying on a Facebook page alone.

This article explains how to build and promote a community using Facebook groups to let you engage with your target audience.

Are you using Facebook groups? Tell us about your experience.


Lots of good food for thought in this article – although I wish the author would have addressed the topic of moderation. First, it’s a disadvantage that Pages aren’t able to participate in groups – so admins would have to run the group through their personal FB account. Also, I find that zeroing in on new comments/replies is very difficult in the FB group format.

Interesting feedback, @KimberlyGDATF. How are you managing comments/replies in spite of the difficulties?

Hi Dan – We don’t have a group for the GDATF, and I do not plan to start one. (We have an online discussion forum that is part of our website). I was a volunteer moderator earlier this year for a political group on FB, and it was almost impossible to moderate. What makes it especially difficult is dealing with replies to comments – you pretty much have to open up every single thread of replies within a post in order to see if there is anything new.

Ugh! Thanks for clarifying that @KimberlyGDATF. These groups certainly have their limitations.

We have Facebook groups for our bariatrics program and for our community “mommy group.” The former is for people who are patients in the program, and it serves as a support group. The latter is an online place for our IRL support group, which includes patients and non-patients. Both groups have been very successful and generated lots of open discussions. I haven’t had any problem following the discussions or moderating, but the groups are not huge (750 and 650 members, respectively) and there usually are only a few posts a day, max.

Thanks for our insight, @willettjf. Are you responsible for moderating these groups? How much time do you spend each day?

We have staff members in each group who are responsible for answering questions. My primary role is administrative. I read the comments, help approve new members, answer questions of staff moderators. Doesn’t take more than 10 minutes most days.

Thanks, Justin. Sounds like you have a good system in place.

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