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How The American Diabetes Association Unleashed The Streisand Effect

Posted by @DanHinmon, Jun 20, 2017

This post by MCSMN member @MarieEnnisOConnor takes a close look at the effort by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) to limit tweets from #ADA2017.

As described by cardiologist Kevin Campbell MD:

The fiasco began when an attendee posted a picture of slides on twitter — in an attempt to “LIVE Tweet” during a session on the recommended #ADA2017 Hashtag. The @AmDiaAsso twitter feed then began to post tweets instructing individual attendees to take down specific tweets that involved photography. In fact, the ADA twitter feed at one point was dominated by their repeated requests for attendees to delete tweets. Quickly, the censorship became the focus of the hashtag — not the science.

Marie has started a discussion about the topic here:



Thanks or sharing this Dan. I can’t help feeling a degree of sympathy for the ADA, but the bottom line is that the fundamental nature of how we conduct conferences in the digital age has changed the parameters of privacy and this is a conversation all organizers must now factor into their meeting strategies.

@DanHinmon to my embarassment I have the wrong title on this – it should reach American Diabetes ASSOCIATION – could you amend please?


Thanks! I forgot my own advice on proof-reading before hitting send 😉


Thanks! I forgot my own advice on proof-reading before hitting send 😉

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So easy to do, @MarieEnnisOConnor. In spite of that, a fascinating article!

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