How Social Media can help you Build an Exclusive Email List

Every online marketing we do is algorithm dependent⁠— may it be social media ads, organic reach, or search engine optimization. Tomorrow Google or Facebook or Twitter can change their algorithm, and your reach and rankings can go from sky-high to ground-low.

However, there is one exception: Emails. Emails are independent of algorithm changes. Once you have a prospect’s email, you can be 100% sure that the message reaches him/her. Apart from this reason, the fact that email marketing can give a $32 return for every $1 spent makes it even more attractive.

Long story short, email marketing is impactful, and you/businesses should do everything in their power to build a relevant email list.

Now, there are many email list growing strategies one can implement, but one that is least talked about, yet equally impactful, is the use of social media to capture emails.

Using social media to build an email list

There are several ways to leverage social media and get potential emails. Here are three of those:

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