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How I Earned 1,859 Twitter Followers in Only 8 Years!

Posted by @DanHinmon, Dec 15, 2015

Yes, you do detect more than a bit of sarcasm in this title, but this summary of reasons (and not) to be on Twitter raises the right points. One key idea: Having fewer followers to interact with will make it easier to network with people. There will be less noise and more signal if you don’t have to sift through a pile of Twitter interactions.

Where do numbers fit in your Twitter game plan?


Hi Dan, even with a modest number of followers, it is still nigh on
impossible to keep up with everyone unless you approach it strategically.
Segmenting followers into lists really helps with this.

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Marie Ennis O’Connor
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I like lists and use #hashtags a lot to filter info. What are some of your list categories?

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