Here’s Why Your Instagram and Facebook Feeds are Looking Bare This Morning

A massive global outage hit Facebook and Instagram late Thursday, causing the sites to be down for hours and blocking users in the US, UK, parts of Mexico and South America from posting.

Did the outage affect your posts? And how in the heck did this happen?

  1. 2 billion users is just about a billion too many. This was bound to happen sooner or later.
  2. George Soros pulled the plug after his fiery Davos speech. (See other NYCU article.)
  3. It's the Russians, obviously.

(And in case you're paying careful attention, I did break my cardinal rule of NEVER sharing Mashable articles in News You Can Use due to the incredibly frustrating experience of running into what feels like a zillion popup ads every time I go to a Mashable article. This time, though, I didn't run into that. Maybe that has something to do with the ad-blocking software I've installed. Hmmmm...   You can see what happens when Audrey Laine Seymour takes PTO and asks me to post NYCU.)

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