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Has LinkedIn Ruined Slideshare?

Posted by @audreylaine, Dec 6, 2017

Jay Baer, once a big proponent of Slideshare, is now making some very valid points about the demise of the slideshow sharing service. What do you think? Do you use it?


Posted by @MarieEnnisOConnor, Dec 8, 2017

Very interesting to read this. I’ve always been a huge fan of SlideShare – it drove a lot of engagement for me and I even made it to the front page of featured slides one time. I didn’t realize things had gone downhill so much until I read this. Jay is very much focussed on generating business leads in this post, but I think SlideShare is also a great place to view top-quality slides from others – I know @LeeAase posts his slides there – so, in my opinion, there’s still value on the platform. I wouldn’t write it off just yet, but it’s disappointing that they have downgraded the user experience so much lately.

Posted by @audreylaine, Dec 8, 2017

Thanks for sharing, @MarieEnnisOConnor! It’s great to hear that it drove a lot of engagement for you, and I agree there is still value.

Posted by @LeeAase, Dec 15, 2017

Thanks…I still like and use Slideshare but it has lost some of its value. It’s still great to have a place to upload slides easily and also make large slide decks that are too big for email downloadable as a way of transferring them. I think the main issue is that the traffic you get from slideshare isn’t going to come from getting a deck featured, but will be what you generate via links on your own social accounts.

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