Google: Word Count Does Not Equal Quality Content

Posted by @audreylaine, Jul 26, 2018

Google’s John Mueller has revealed that content length is not an indicator of its level of quality.

“Some pages have a lot of words that say nothing,” Mueller says. By the same token, pages with few words may be highly relevant to a user’s query.

So Google will not necessarily rank pages based on word count alone. Short form content may rank just as well as longer content. What’s most important is how well the content satisfies a particular query. If someone is looking for a quick answer to a simple question, a wordy article may be the exact opposite of what they want to land on.

This topic came up on Twitter in response to a user who asked whether or not it would be beneficial to de-index shorter articles.

In response, Mueller stated that “word count is not indicative of quality.”

Curator’s note: This is what I tried to tell my high school teachers and college professors! 🙂



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