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Flickr Is Downgrading Its Free Offering, But Making Its Pro Tier Much Better

Posted by @stacytheobald, Nov 5, 2018

Flickr is ending its 1TB free storage option and will now be limiting its free tier to 1,000 photos. However, it’s also improving its Pro service to make it easier for free users to make the transition.

If you’ve been using Flickr’s 1TB of free storage and have over 1,000 photos stored there, I have some good news and some bad news. Assuming you want the bad news first, here it is: No more 1TB of free storage. Flickr will now be limiting free storage to 1,000 photos only – regardless of size. The good news, is that you have until January 8th 2019 to start thinking about what to do with the excess.


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