Fitbit will use Google Cloud to make its data available to doctors

Posted by @audreylaine, Apr 30, 2018

Fitbit this morning announced plans to utilize Google’s new Cloud Healthcare API, in order to continue its push into the world of serious healthcare devices. It’s a bit of a no-brainer as far as partnerships go.

Google announced Cloud for Healthcare, taking a major step into the world of health, which comprised around $3.3 trillion in U.S. spending in 2016 alone. Unchecked, that number is expected to balloon even further over the next several years.


What is type of company is FitBit?

The Stock Market has seen it as mostly a marginally successful consumer electronics company – and prices it accordingly, but after having a FitBit for several years, and seeing how much data they capture I believe they are actually a data company, with the potential to be an AI company, and this relationship solidifies that believe.

Now when looking at health data, I like to think of a pyramid hierarchy as a model.

At that base is the multiple points of data in fitbit's case, its heart rate, sleep movement, individual steps, etc.

At the next level are the tables of data – this is the level of information. FitBit does a great job of this.

At the next level is knowledge. This is graphing and interpreting the data. See my sleep pattern below. FitBit does a reasonable job of this , too, at least on their premium dashboard.

But the final level, which I call wisdom, is the really difficult step. How do you use this data, information and knowledge to affect change? That's the step which no one has conquered. Maybe Artificial Intelligence via Google Cloud holds the key. Maybe not.

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