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Facebook Updates News Feed to Highlight “Informative” Content

Posted by @DanHinmon, Aug 16, 2016

This is really beginning to get interesting, writes @westr.

“With this update, we’re creating a new ranking signal to predict what is most informative to you, so those stories appear higher in your feed. First, we look at the stories that people tell us they find informative. People from our Feed Quality Program look at each story in their feed and rank it on a scale of one to five — one being “really not informative” and five being “really informative.”

“Generally, we’ve found people find stories informative if they’re related to their interests, if they engage people in broader discussions and if they contain news about the world around them. That could be anything from recipes, to local issues, to global current events.”


Hmmm…not sure I agree with this. Here are two recent postings from the GDATF’s Facebook page:

Video clip about recovery post-thyroidectomy: 7 “Reactions”, 0 Comments

Meme about forgetting to take your meds featuring a cute baby photo: 331 “Reactions”, 47 comments

People might be telling whoever is doing the survey that they want “informative” posts, but their behavior seems to indicate otherwise!

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