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Facebook Testing More Groups Updates, Adding Groups to Main Function B

Posted by @DanHinmon, Apr 20, 2017

Facebook has been putting more emphasis on Groups, with new tools like application questions, introductory notes and discussion topics.

It’s now testing their next phase in emphasizing Groups, with some users seeing a new Groups tab built into their function bar within the Facebook app.

Do you use Facebook Groups for patient or employee communities? How are these changes impacting you?


Thanks, Dan! I am very interested in option to allow Pages to set up and participate in Groups. I hope this does get rolled out to a wider audience.

I can see a real benefit to setting up a group, but after a bad experience as a member in one group (and another issue where I was receiving FB messages in the middle of the night over a dispute between volunteers), I’m just not comfortable using my personal Facebook account for GDATF business.

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