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Facebook Set to Launch ‘Facebook at Work’ Next Month

Posted by @DanHinmon, Sep 28, 2016

Facebook at Work is a commercial version of Facebook, with an enclosed, private network for your business.

The main pitch for the platform is this: why use Slack or Yammer or other enterprise solutions for your company which require in-depth training when your employees are already familiar with Facebook and its various functions?

Thanks to @cbushrn for pointing us to this article.

It’s a separate app and a separate platform for employees and work-related discussion – businesses will have a contained work space, where employees will have to be logged in to interact, with their personal Facebook accounts and discussions kept separate from the process.


Do you think their ears were burning as we’ve been talking about this topic? LOL One question on Twitter after I shared this was…what might the definition of ‘workplace’ be? Like Yammer…where ppl need to have the same ‘work’ email address? I think it will be interesting.

Good question, @cbushrn. Also – might this be where “groups” end up down the road? We’ve wondered for a long time how long Facebook would support a format that brings little or no revenue to the company.

Veeeery interesting. I occasionally (like once a year) talk with departments interested in creating a work Facebook group. My argument is always, what about the employees who DON’T use Facebook…even if there’s only 1 in a group of 10…are they missing out?

People who don’t use FB often have a very negative opinion of it and a very strong desire to keep work entirely separate from personal. And hospitals have a history of trying to keep work separate from personal, between firewalls and security systems that make accessing stuff from a non-work computer harder, to wage policies that require nurses to clock in and out. At our organization, which is also very into reviewing contracts/click-throughs carefully, I think managers and procurement are comfortable paying for carefully-negotiated account agreements and forcing people to use them. I don’t think they’d be so comfortable with FB as a project management or employee communication system.

First –@DanHinmon I’d hate to see groups go to paid…how the heck would all the non profits & patient communities share? 🙁 And @MeganRowe — I agree, many healthcare orgs would see barriers….and I totally get the FB negative opinions…I am married to a FB hater. LOL I think it would be interesting to hear from the beta orgs how the process went…wonder who all was in that mix?

Thanks Dan – it was featured on the first #Hootcast recently https://blog.hootsuite.com/digital-transformation-rbc-ceo/
Have any members been involved in the beta testing?

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