Facebook Missteps Highlight What Happens When You Can’t Trust Platform Metrics

Posted by @Margaret_Marie, Dec 11, 2018

Facebook has a history of miscalculating video ad metrics. In 2016, the company admitted it had been overstating the average duration of a video view time. The following year, it acknowledged over-charging advertisers for clicks on link-based mobile video carousel ads. As recently as October, Facebook video ad counts made the news again when a small group of advertisers accused the company in a class-action lawsuit of inflating video ad metrics by as much as 900 percent — and keeping the error under wraps for more than a year.

While advertisers’ trust in Facebook video ad numbers is arguably tenuous at best, the scenario makes it clear that having to rely on any platform-native performance metrics comes with its own challenges — from gauging the success of a campaign to making sure ad dollars are being spent efficiently and accurately…


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