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Facebook Looking to Address Decline in Personal Updates with New Promp

Posted by @DanHinmon, Apr 12, 2016

Facebook has a problem. According to Bloomberg, “people have been less willing to post updates about their lives as their lists of friends grow.” Facebook has seen a decline in people sharing original, personal content – which is a big problem since these updates are where they’re able to get the insights and data that helps fuel their ever-powerful ad targeting system.

Facebook has put together a team to tackle what they’ve reportedly labeled “context collapse,” with Mark Zuckerberg calling on staff to come up with new ways to inspire more personal sharing.

Bob West @westr says it’s interesting that the ~6th largest company in the world ($$$ value) wants its users to pitch in and help with “context collapse.”

Stay tuned.


As I have grown my business and have joined some professional groups in Facebook it’s getting harder to ignore “Friend Requests.” I usually direct FB professional contacts to LinkedIn and keep to the messaging within the group as my communication method.

That said – My “friends” list is now over 500 and there are really less than 100 that I truly care about in a personal sense. I wish FB would create a “Best Friends” list that would allow you to identify which “friends” are really your friends and which are your “Circle of Friends.” Then I would return to posting more personal information.

My Facebook friend rule used to be: “If you haven’t thought ‘I wonder what Janet Kennedy is up to? I’ll call her and we’ll go out for a drink.’ then you don’t need to be a FB friend of mine.”

As social media is my 40 + hour a week job, I use it less and less on a personal basis. It does not help that when I log-in to FB, I immediately see notifications from all the pages I manage, along with personal notices. I’m too compelled to go through work stuff, even if I’m not on after hours monitoring. My friends know that FB is no longer the way to contact me.

@DanHinmon I think FB may have found a way to address the “context decline”. While in the grocery check out line last night, I saw the current edition of O Magazine (Oprah). On the cover there’s a teaser to “Join the Party: How to Make Social Media Your Friend.” 🙂

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Well @kathywinter, Oprah saved Weight Watchers. Maybe she can do the same for Facebook!

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It’s kind of ironic that FB is trying to roll out all this fancy stuff to encourage sharing, when I really think a few simple fixes would bring people back into the fold. I’ve found myself using FB less, as I’ve become increasingly frustrated that I am not getting any NEWS from my friends in my newsfeed! Instead, it’s cluttered up with memes, memories, and posts that I have NO interest in, but my friends happen to have liked/commented on or been tagged in. My suggestions:

1. Make the newsfeed default to “most recent.”
2. Put every post from every friend in the newsfeed.
3. Offer the ability to limit specific friends to just ONE post per newsfeed viewing session. (I have folks that I don’t want to unfollow/unfriend who feel the need to share every single meme they see or post a picture of every meal they consume).
4. Let personal users select one post that they can “pin” to the top of their timeline – like what pages can do. Newly pinned posts could override the “most recent” setting and automatically go to the top of their friends’ newsfeeds. (For example, this would be good for a new job, a newly diagnosed illness, a great vacation, a marriage/birth/death in the family, etc.).
5. Give users control over who can check them in to a specific location. I never post on my personal page when I am out of town, and it drives me bonkers to have people check me in to an out-of-town location while I am travelling with friends.

The current newsfeed not only makes it less likely you will see news that is important to you, it makes it less likely that your friends will see YOUR important news. And if you don’t get any comments/reactions to your own posts, how likely is it that you will invest your valuable time to create more posts in the future?


As social media is my 40 + hour a week job, I use it less and less on a personal basis. It does not help that when I log-in to FB, I immediately see notifications from all the pages I manage, along with personal notices. I’m too compelled to go through work stuff, even if I’m not on after hours monitoring. My friends know that FB is no longer the way to contact me.

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@kathywinter – Totally agree on not wanting to see personal and professional stuff mixed in on FB. It’s gotten to where I am reluctant to use FB when I am on vacation, because I can’t go through my newsfeed without seeing posts from FB suggesting that my organization “promote” its posts. Also, I can’t log out without seeing that red notification circle noting how many work posts I’ve missed!

I try as much as possible to keep my FB page personal only. If I receive a work-related friend request, I will accept, but will add them to a “Work Contacts” group and will immediately unfollow them so they aren’t in my newsfeed. When I make a personal post, I will usually do a custom list (Friends EXCEPT “Work Contacts”) unless it’s something that I really want post publicly.

This is so true Kathy. There is a certain Ugh! factor of seeing content for you job when you are trying to relax. I likewise try to avoid it. I have fairly large personal networks for the past three places I’ve worked (Quicken Loans, The Walt Disney Company and CBS Radio) so I have contact groups so I can post just to those groups. I completely agree with @KimberlyGDATF and would LOVE to see her recommended fixes for the Newsfeed implemented. Who can make that happen?

As I’ve mentioned to my friends on FB, FB was GREAT in the olden days before it shifted into money making gear. That was a time of finding out particulars on people at other universities and old friends from high school you hadn’t seen or heard from in 50 years. But now, I very commonly refer to it as a “MESS”. And that’s why Twitter is my go-to SoMe platform. Like @jkennedy93, I’d originally reserved FB for “Family & Friends”. Then, when Klout and similar gangsters came along and “influence” became more important than communication and education, Twitter “friends” began asking to be FB friends. I went along with it because I didn’t want to offend anybody, even though FB was more of a private domain where I could be myself with all my personal views and idiosyncrasies (not to mention religious and political views- HOT BUTTON). So, in addition to all of the FB-original crap thrown at you mentioned above, and their perpetual platform twists and turns, FB is no longer a place you can go and let your hair down. Shoot, I can find discomfort at work (tho I took an early retirement for medical purposes). It does not surprise me to see FB fumbling. I’m shocked it didn’t happen before this, and they got to be as big as they did. FWIW.
– Bob

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For anyone who is interested, I incorporated some of my comments above — as well as my recent venting about changes to Facebook Pages — into a post on my personal blog: https://auntiekimberly.wordpress.com/2016/05/02/fixing-facebook-a-kinda-sorta-live-feed/

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