Facebook Live Rolls Out Audience Targeting; Periscope Introduces Repla

Both Facebook and Twitter continue to improve their video platforms, writes @WestR.

"Facebook rolled out “the ability to target live videos to only stream to certain ages, genders, languages or locations of viewers” with its Graph API v2.7 update. This capability makes “live streaming more accurate and relevant,” but is currently limited to users who post Live videos to Facebook through the platform’s API."

"Periscope introduced three new features “to make it easier for you to discover and watch the broadcasts that you’re interested in.” These new features include Highlights, “which automatically generates a short trailer for every Periscope broadcast” and the ability to embed Periscopes “anywhere on the web by simply embedding the Tweet.” Periscope also rolled out autoplay for live broadcasts on Android."

Innovations are coming rapidly to video platforms. How are you keeping on top of it all?

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