Facebook Just Announced These Changes To Try To Ease Your Mind On Privacy And Data

Posted by @audreylaine, Mar 28, 2018

This morning, Facebook responded to the ongoing Cambridge Analytica scandal by announcing a series of changes to its privacy settings—essentially making it easier for users to find them, control what they share, and download and delete their data. The company—which came under fire for not doing more sooner to protect the data and for its initial response to the revelations—also committed to changing its terms of service in a way that adds more transparency to its data policy, without giving itself new rights to user’s data.


Thanks for sharing this important info, @audreylaine. This is gold: "Facebook is now providing new tools for finding, downloading, and deleting data users have posted. It’s calling the tools Access Your Information, and bills it as “a secure way for people to access and manage their information, such as posts, reactions, and comments, and things you’ve searched for.”

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